It was the first and last time I ever acted on my same-sex attraction.

Empty beer cans and bottles lined the kitchen counter. Music played in the background as my neighbors and I danced and chatted the night away. They were probably anticipating what I’d do next. I have to admit, I was a bit of a spectacle when I got drunk. My bottle was empty and for whatever reason I was standing ––Or was I dancing?–– next to my neighbor,

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4 encouragements for the woman caught in sin

Caught in Sin

I sprang to my feet frantically trying to cover up what was obviously condemning. My step-dad had come home way sooner than scheduled. I put my shirt back on like a marathon-runner, whispered to my boyfriend to make himself look natural, and rushed to the bathroom door after my step-dad to make innocent small talk. He didn’t ignore me and his voice didn’t indicate that he was mad.

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glow up from the inside-out post breakup transformation guide

Welcome to the second installment of my 2-part Better Breakup blog series. Each post is written so that you can jump in at any point, but you’re welcome to read the first post, “The Basics of Breakup Survival” as well. 😊

Breakups don’t have to bring out the worst in you. That’s why in today’s post I’m going to guide you through the same practical habits God used to transform my split with my EX into a vehicle for lasting,

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breakup survival

Have you ever felt completely and utterly debilitated? All I could do was lay down in the dirty pile of clothes on my apartment floor. I would’ve laid on the bed, but it was fully occupied with junk –fast food trash, more neglected laundry, and college homework I had no intention of completing. My hygiene and my apartment broke every rule in my own book, but I couldn’t find the strength or motivation to do anything about it.

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Relationship Exit Strategy Breakup

As a respected youth leader in my church, no one would have ever suspected that I was struggling with sexual sin. After moving into my own apartment off my college campus, things got progressively worse. When I began to hear God calling me into a life-transforming relationship with Him, I was living with my boyfriend. I knew it wasn’t possible to serve God and continue living the way I was…and that was my dilemma.   

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