Rude People


There I was, at the front desk, struggling to keep the phone receiver to my ear. The caller? Another angry woman with more expletives in her vocabulary than the urban dictionary. I was nearing the end of the call, getting ready to tell the woman exactly what she didn’t want to hear: “No, ma’am that worker is not available. I can transfer you to their desk, and you could leave a voicemail if you’d like.”

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Share Your Faith

Still struggling with sharing your faith? Confront the issues that are keeping you from sharing the gospel with the practical steps I’ve outlined in this lovely little article. They’re the same steps I’ve taken to break out of my comfort zone and start sharing Jesus with my unsaved friends and loved ones. Are you ready to stop struggling and start sharing? Then read on, sister.

The “Share Your Faith”
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The decision to practice purity until marriage was one of my immediate struggles when I first considered following Christ. Sexual purity was a cross I knew I must be willing to bear as a Christian. Unfortunately, relationships go hand-in-hand with sex today. To announce that you are practicing abstinence, refraining from sex until marriage, for most people is to narrow your prospects down to little or none. As opposed to God’s guidelines for relationship,

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