Aye, You!

I’m so glad you’re here! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Thanks for being interested in connecting with me! Here you’ll find some FAQs, as well as some directions on how to contact me. For the quickest response, please DM me on Instagram or email me at TitaniaPaige@LifeBeforeEternity.com.

Guest Posting

Thank you for your interest, but at this time I’m not accepting guest posts.


Want to work together? Great. I’d love to team up with you! Shoot me a message with details of what you have in mind.

Speaking & Events

Hosting an event for millennial Christian women? I’d love to crack open the Bible with your ladies and get real & practical about living Christ out loud in a hostile, secular culture. I specialize in topics on spiritual growth, spending time with God, evangelism, and navigating the season of singleness & waiting.

Spiritual Advice or Questions

Please start by searching the blog for posts & resources on the topic you’re looking for. If you don’t see anything, feel free to email me about it. I love connecting with you and hearing your questions.

Did I miss something?

If I didn’t answer your question above, please don’t hesitate to message me at TitaniaPaige@LifeBeforeEternity.com (even just to say ‘Hi’). Seriously. I do a gig every time I get a message, y’all. You can expect an enthusiastic response within 24-48 hours.

Love, you! And as always, remember to live Christ out loud!