Live Christ Out Loud Bootcamp


If you’re ready to take your faith seriously, but you’re not sure where to start. This free video training + e-course is perfect for you! What if you could confidently articulate the gospel through your words and lifestyle & develop spiritual disciplines that kindle your relationship with God?
Psst. Guess what? You can!


In this 5-Week bootcamp for believers and seekers you’ll establish a biblical foundation for spiritual growth & discover how to radiate Christ in your everyday life!
Did I mention that it’s free?


If any of this sounds familiar, this bootcamp is for you!


The Live Christ Out Loud Bootcamp includes six modules:

01 | gospel
Articulate the gospel, discover its implications for your life, and share the message of the Bible with others in plain English.
02 | identity
Realize your identity in Christ and benefits of relationship with God.
03 | devoted
Kindle your love for God by practicing the spiritual disciplines of scripture reading, meditation on God’s word, and prayer.
04 | word
Discover the keys to proper Bible interpretation and personal study.
05 | body
Understand the critical role fellowship with believers has on your spiritual life. Learn step-by-step how to find the right church for you.
06 | mission
Get equipped to share your faith with others in a natural conversational way. Uncover the primary means you have for communicating the gospel.


Your Free Bootcamp Comes With:

    • Full Access to the Live Christ Out Loud Bootcamp Workshops
    • Beautiful workbooks with engaging activities
    Step-by-step instructional videos for activities such as choosing your first bible & sharing your faith

Yep. You get all of this for free, Chica.