Life is messy... and so is living out your faith.

If living for Jesus comes naturally for you, then you’ll want to find another blog to follow.

Life Before Eternity is a grace place for the woman who doesn’t always get the Christian walk right.

She has doubts.
She doesn’t know it all.
She messes up...

...But she desperately clings to God’s unfailing love and her Bible for the insight and strength she needs to thrive.

She doesn't just want to believe in Christ, she wants to live Christ out loud!

She knows that wholeness is found in the person of Jesus Christ.

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Core Spiritual Habits

Connect with Christ

Wholeness begins with cultivating a personal relationship with Christ. When our brokenness meets God's grace, our stories are transformed.

Build Community

It’s no good to be alone. The Christian life isn’t a solo mission. Connecting with others helps us grow spiritually through accountability, teaching, and encouragement, and sharpens us for kingdom work.

Live Purposefully

You were created with a purpose, so why not live like it? The journey to wholeness in Christ requires us to discover the unique calling and spiritual gifts He’s entrusted to us.

Practice Purity

The fruit of our passion for Christ is evidenced in our pursuit of personal holiness. From sexual purity and beyond, we desire to present our bodies as living sacrifices holy and acceptable to God.

Love the Truth

In a world where truth is seen as “relative,” God’s word is the final authority in our lives. We love the Lord with our minds through bible study and application of the scriptures.

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This free, self-paced course helps you establish a biblical foundation for spiritual growth. You'll learn the essentials to articulating the gospel through your words and lifestyle. Complete with video teaching and worksheets for each module.

Sexual Purity Action Plan

In this 5-page workbook, you'll create a personalized strategy to practice sexual purity. Be intentional in your pursuit of personal holiness by downloading yours now.

Spending Time with God

Having trouble establishing a devotional time? Not even sure what a devotional time is or what you're supposed to do during one? Then this colorful workbook is for you! Download yours now to get started.

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Interested in my story?

Life Before Eternity was birthed out of my experience as a missionary in Osaka, Japan, where there less than 1% of the population is Christian.

There I saw that struggling Christians couldn't easily seek advice or counsel from older Christians, because there weren't many. I was reminded of how hard it was for me to navigate the Christian life without any guidance from mature believers. So the Life Before Eternity blog became a place that connected me and Christian women that need that guidance around the world. Here, I can grow spiritually with readers like you as we look to God's word on how to live this life before eternity.

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