Life Before Eternity is a grace place

for the woman who doesn't always

get the Christian walk right.

Life is messy... and so is living out your faith.

If living for Jesus comes naturally for you, then you’ll want to find another blog to follow.

Life Before Eternity is a grace place for the woman who doesn’t always get the Christian walk right.

She has doubts.
She doesn’t know it all.
She messes up...

...But she desperately clings to God’s unfailing love and her Bible for the insight and strength she needs to thrive.

She doesn't just want to believe in Christ, she wants to experience wholeness and transformation through Him.

Core Spiritual Habits

We live in a world of spiritual compromise, so how can we resist the constant temptations that pull us further away from God?

The best way to renew our minds is to practice daily routines and habits that are aligned with God’s Word. 
Join me in practicing these core spiritual habits that lead to wholeness in Christ.

Connect with Christ

Wholeness begins with cultivating a personal relationship with Christ. When our brokenness meets God's grace, our stories are transformed.

Build Community

It’s no good to be alone. The Christian life isn’t a solo mission. Connecting with others helps us grow spiritually through accountability, teaching, and encouragement, and sharpens us for kingdom work.

Live Purposefully

You were created with a purpose, so why not live like it? The journey to wholeness in Christ requires us to discover the unique calling and spiritual gifts He’s entrusted to us.

Practice Purity

The fruit of our passion for Christ is evidenced in our pursuit of personal holiness. From sexual purity and beyond, we desire to present our bodies as living sacrifices holy and acceptable to God.

Love the Truth

In a world where truth is seen as “relative,” God’s word is the final authority in our lives. We love the Lord with our minds through bible study and application of the scriptures.


Hey, girl. I'm Nia.

I help women embrace a lifestyle of faith by teaching them spiritual habits that lead to wholeness in Christ.

I’ve been doing ministry for over 5 years now, serving at various churches and even as a full-time missionary in Osaka, Japan. In August 2016, God called me to put my testimony and interneting skills to good work by creating Life Before Eternity, where I’ve served over 9,500 women and counting with my online teaching and resources.

More About Me

Proud wife of my best friend and ministry partner, Gerald + Japan and Survival Horror Game Fanatic + Amateur Hiker + Foodie

Ministry Background

Bachelors of Science Christian Counseling
Liberty University | Lynchburg, VA

Osaka, Japan

College Ministry & Missions Intern
The River Community Church | Cookeville, TN

Urban Missionary
Memphis, TN